Cascadia Audio Talos Review

A big thanks to /u/Mad_Economist of Cascadia Audio for lending me a pair of his headphones for review.   Background T50RP mods have become quite common in the premium headphone market with contenders like ZMF headphones, MrSpeakers, who has recently discontinued their popular “Dog” line of headphones, and Luis of Enigmatic Audio, famed for his […]

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Grado SR325 Review

Thanks to sheldaze of Head-Fi for being gracious enough to loan his SR325 to me for this review.   Pictures Background Grado is a company that really needs no introduction.  Started in the 1950s, with a long heritage in audio products starting with their famous phono cartridges, Grado has been a well known name in […]

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Master and Dynamic MH40 Review

With the advent of smartphones replacing digital audio players for the majority of music listeners and with the trend of headphones becoming fashionable, there has been a boom in the once small headphone industry, with old manufacturers scrambling to create mass-market-friendly products and new manufacturers trying to shine above the old guards. One of the […]

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Philips Fidelio X2 Review

Sometimes, the hype phenomenon so prevalent in hobbies creates a “halo status” for some products which leads to expectations that are impossible to meet. The Philips Fidelio X2 is one such product. It had received extremely positive reviews from professionals and which led to many people purchasing it and equally praising it, leading to a […]

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