Audio Technica MSR7 Review

The Audio Technica M50X is a staple recommendation for those looking to get their feet wet into getting good sound. It has a few flaws, such as a lack of soundstage, unrefined bass, and, to some, treble that is too forward, but it has the kind of sound those upgrading from stock earbuds will find […]

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Massdrop X AKG K7XX Review

I bought this pair of K7XX from Massdrop as part of the initial release and have had it ever since. ┬áMine is a first edition with a serial number less than 300. Pictures Background Massdrop has quickly become a hub on the internet for headphone enthusiasts, especially with the introduction of exclusive products which they […]

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Stax SR-007A Review

The traditional consumer knows full-size headphones to be dynamic designs because that is what most companies use for their headphones; they’re typically easier and cheaper to manufacture so on the lower end, there’s no reason to experiment with other designs. Those who are slightly more invested in the hobby likely are aware of planar magnetic […]

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