Audeze Sine Review

“Portable” and “Planar magnetic” are two attributes in a headphone that a few years ago, would never have been mentioned in the same sentence. A planar magnetic headphone, to oversimplify things, is an alternate type of headphone technology, different from the dynamic drivers in most headphone. The main benefits of planars are low distortion, bigger […]

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Vibro Labs Aria Review

Vibro Labs isn’t exactly a new company; Luke Pighetti, the owner of Vibro Labs, has been making wooden Grado cups and cups for ZMF headphones for years, but he is also known for his work with DIY IEMs. Last year, Vibro Labs released their first IEM: the Aria. It was meant to be a flagship-competitor at […]

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Micro-Meet Impressions 8/20/2016

Thanks to sheldaze and TimeLord for getting together with me for lunch and giving me this exciting opportunity to check out some of the gear they have acquired recently. Pictures Impressions Focal Utopia This was a complete surprise from TimeLord, who actually just got back from a trip with the Utopia in hand.  He wouldn’t […]

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Audio-Technica ATH-R70x Review

I purchased the Audio-Technica ATH-R70x from the SBAF For Sale board a little over a half a year ago. Background Audio-Technica is a well known brand in the headphone community, especially for the ubiquity of their studio line of headphones (M30/40/50X) which are probably one of the most commonly recommended and purchased headphones by people […]

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Beyerdynamic T1 (Gen 1) Review

Thanks to Kyle for letting me borrow his Beyerdynamic T1 (Gen 1) on extended loan for impressions and this review. Background The Beyerdynamic T1 (Gen 1) was originally Beyerdynamic’s response to rival Sennheiser’s HD800 flagship headphone and was first released in 2010.  The introduction of the T1 also marked the debut of Beyer’s “Tesla” drivers, […]

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