Sharkk Bravo Review

I’m gonna make this one quick. This is the Sharkk Bravo. It’s an OEM version of the Verisonix dual driver design with one electret, which is a permanently charged electrostatic driver, and a dynamic driver. Sounds cool in theory but this headphone has literally no redeeming qualities. The Sharkk Bravo comes in a thick cardboard […]

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MrSpeakers Ether Flow Review

Thanks to Dan of MrSpeakers for graciously loaning an Ether Flow for the DC Area Head-Fi meet. Background MrSpeakers is a well known name in the headphone community, initially gaining popularity for their “Dog” line of headphones, a series of Fostex T50RP mods.  Dan’s headphone mods became increasingly more complex and Dan in some ways […]

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O&E E800P Review

This is the O&E E800P. O&E is a new headphone company based in China that I honestly can’t even find all that much information on. I signed up for a beta test and honestly didn’t even expect them to come but I actually got these yesterday.  I was given a deadline of November 1 to […]

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