Shure SE535 Review

Back in 2006 when I was just starting out with this hobby, I thought the Shure E500 was some sort of unattainable grail: $500 for an IEM was unfathomable back then, when its only other universal competition were the Ultimate Ears 10 and Etymotic ER4S and I believe those who wanted to shell out […]

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Denon D7200 Review

Denon’s original line of Foster 443742 variants in the D2000, D5000, and slightly different D7000 was one of the most recommended lines of headphones when it was in production. That contrasted the line that succeeded: the D600 and D7100, with a much less agreeable sound signature and higher distortion characteristics. But in late 2016, Denon […]

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Monoprice M1060 Mods

I reviewed the original Monoprice M1060 here, so those who haven’t read that review yet should check that out first. I was given the opportunity to try to mod a new pair. This article is meant to outline the three most popular mods for these “budget” planars meant to tame the ringing and overall make […]

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