Verum Sonus was created as an outlet for its writers to share their experiences with audio equipment with the hope that its readers will gain a further understanding of not just the product, but the interpretation of sound as a whole. Audio products of all types are featured in Verum Sonus.



Since starting his journey at age thirteen because he wanted to “feel” his music in a more intimate way, Kyle has delved deep into the headphone world. Having bought and sold more headphones than he’d like to count, Kyle has learned what he likes and dislikes the hard way. He tends to prefer a warmer, midforward sound signature. Kyle not only has experience listening to music, but creating it, specifically with the alto saxophone, ukulele, and piano.

Equipment list as of 4/14/2017:

Headphones: Sennheiser HD800, Fostex TH900 frankenphone, OPPO PM2, Sennheiser HD580, Beyerdynamic T90, Ultrasone Performance 880, Master and Dynamic MH40

Sources: Theta DS Pro Progeny Rev a, Enlightened Audio Designs DSP7000, AMB Gamma2, M-Audio ProFire 2626

Amps: Krell KSA-5 Klone, Bottlehead SEX, Cavalli Audio EHHA Rev a



Amar has been a headphone enthusiast for approximately 18 years.  A big fan of music, he always sought ways to listen and was fascinated by headphones for their ability to make music personal and to transport him to other places.  Growing up watching the online headphone community, always reading and learning about headphones, he started to become more active in the online community, participating in discussions about headphones across several different outlets as well as attending local meetups.  His interest in headphones become an even stronger passion, and experience with equipment that he had read about never previously had an opportunity to try grew very quickly.  As an enthusiast of this hobby, he aims to experience a wide variety of equipment, share his thoughts and have thoughtful, intelligent conversation about headphones and music.

My Current Gear List (updated 2/17/17)

Source: Audio-GD NFB-27H

Headphones: AKG K1000, Audeze Sine, Audeze LCD-2F (2016), Hifiman HE-6, Sennheiser HD580, Sennheiser HD800, ZMF Eikon (Padauk)