DC Area Lunch Meet 7/8/17

Had lunch and a mini meet with a couple of friends from the local Head-Fi group and got to try two new-to-me and relatively new-to-the-market pieces of gear, the MrSpeakers Aeon closed back portable headphone and the Metrum Amethyst, an all-in-one DAC and headphone amplifier. Pictures MrSpeakers Aeon I was fortunate in that both the […]

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Apex HiFi Sangaku Review

Thanks to Todd from TTVJ for allowing me to borrow and review the Sangaku. Pictures   Background The Sangaku is a relatively new amplifier from Apex and Pete Millett, famous for his Millett Starving Student DIY tube hybrid amplifer kit.  The Sangaku is a tube amp that uses KORG Nutubes, a relatively new component from […]

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ampsandsound Mogwai Review

Thanks to Justin Weber of ampsandsound for sending me this loaner of their Mogwai amplifier to evaluate and share my thoughts on. Pictures Background I don’t really know much about the history of ampsandsound.  The first time I heard their amps was at the NY Head-Fi meet last summer.  There, I actually got to meet […]

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Neurochrome HP-1 Review

Thanks to Matt for building and then sending this very interesting DIY amp kit to me for listening and review. Pictures Background The Neurochrome HP-1 is a single-ended, solid state amplifier designed by Tom Christiansen that boasts a 3W output into 20 Ohms and 0.000050% THD (worst case) which equates to a signal-to-noise ratio of […]

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$100 DAC/Amp Shootout

Big thanks to Josh and Kyle for loaning me these units for review. Pictures Background Rather than just review the Fulla 2 as I was originally intending to do, I decided to reach and and see if I could get a couple of different options to get a better feel for the $100 price bracket. […]

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ECP Torpedo III Review

Thanks to Furiousipaduser for making this loaner tour possible and for allowing me to take part.  It’s very difficult for us to get gear to review without the support of the community and I appreciate the opportunities it’s afforded me to try things I might never have gotten a chance to audition otherwise. Pictures Background […]

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