Sony Z1R Review

I grew up a huge Sony fan. My first music device was a Sony Discman. My first laptop was a VAIO of some sort. There’s an old Sony CRT TV in my childhood home. Even the first headphones I remember buying were a pair of Sony earbuds. But Sony isn’t exactly well renowned for their […]

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Monoprice XXX Review

I purchased this IEM soon after its release directly from Monoprice.  Monoprice shipping took about a week to get the IEMs to me and cost a little over $50. Pictures Background The in-ear monitor (IEM) market seems more competitive than ever, with a trend toward more drivers per side, hybrid balanced armature/dynamic driver designs in […]

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Monoprice M1060 Review

The Monoprice M1060 is some sort of anomaly. In an industry where the market seems to almost welcome price ceilings being pushed higher and higher, Monoprice went the opposite direction: they released a large diaphragm planar magnetic headphone for the low, low price of $299. They easily could have tacked on another $100 and nobody […]

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Monoprice Monolith M560 Review

A big thanks to Blaine of Cascadia Audio for lending me this pair of Monolith M560 headphones so that I can share my thoughts. Pictures Background It is my belief, that currently the $200 market for headphones is a market of compromises.  There are a lot of good options in that price range, but they […]

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Focal Elear Review

The easiest way to hype up a new headphone is to call it a “Sennheiser HD650 but better.” It’s an established “good” headphone that many people in the hobby have heard, so it’s a good reference. I’ve owned the HD650 three or four times in the ten years I’ve been in this hobby and I’m […]

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ZMF Atticus (Padauk) Review

Thanks to Zach from ZMF and Will and Linear Tube Audio/Urban Hifi for making it possible for me to audition and review this headphone.  I really appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with these headphones prior to their release so that I may share my opinions. Pictures Background I’ve reviewed some of the background […]

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