Denon D7200 Review

Denon’s original line of Foster 443742 variants in the D2000, D5000, and slightly different D7000 was one of the most recommended lines of headphones when it was in production. That contrasted the line that succeeded: the D600 and D7100, with a much less agreeable sound signature and higher distortion characteristics. But in late 2016, Denon […]

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Monoprice M1060 Mods

I reviewed the original Monoprice M1060 here, so those who haven’t read that review yet should check that out first. I was given the opportunity to try to mod a new pair. This article is meant to outline the three most popular mods for these “budget” planars meant to tame the ringing and overall make […]

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Audio Technica M40X Review

“Hey can you recommend me a headphone? I can reach for like…$100 but I’m not sure I want to spend that much.” “Uhh…” Headphones don’t have to be ridiculous. They don’t have to weigh over a pound or cost as much as a used car. They’re headphones: things people use to listen to things. Of […]

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AKG K812 Review

Thanks to Arv for loaning this to me for review. Pictures Background AKG released the K812 in 2010 for $1500 and was seen as a response to Sennheiser’s HD800 which had been released 2 years earlier in 2008.  The K812 seems to take all the design cues AKG has used with their previous flagships and […]

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Kennerton Vali Review

Thanks to Super Best Audio Friends for providing this loaner unit of the Kennerton Vali for review. Pictures Background Kennerton is the luxury arm of Fischer Audio and maintains their line of ToTL headphones.  The Vali is an open back dynamic headphone that uses a Tympany paper driver. Fit and Comfort The fit of this […]

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DC Area Lunch Meet 7/8/17

Had lunch and a mini meet with a couple of friends from the local Head-Fi group and got to try two new-to-me and relatively new-to-the-market pieces of gear, the MrSpeakers Aeon closed back portable headphone and the Metrum Amethyst, an all-in-one DAC and headphone amplifier. Pictures MrSpeakers Aeon I was fortunate in that both the […]

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Sony Z1R Review

I grew up a huge Sony fan. My first music device was a Sony Discman. My first laptop was a VAIO of some sort. There’s an old Sony CRT TV in my childhood home. Even the first headphones I remember buying were a pair of Sony earbuds. But Sony isn’t exactly well renowned for their […]

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