Kinera H3 Review

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time so I’m going to start this review with the conclusion: the Kinera H3 doesn’t sound good. They sound like there’s something wrong with the crossover so it sounds disjointed and jarringly off. I’d think these would be broken if my measurements didn’t match others of this. If you’re […]

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Periodic Audio Be Review

Beryllium sounds cool. The $4000 Focal Utopia uses it and expensive tweeters use it, so it must be a good sign, right? That’s what the Periodic Audio Be seems to convey with its product lines, ranging from the lowest end Mg (Magnesium), to the middle end Ti (Titanium), to the flagship Beryllium (Be). The Periodic […]

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Shure SE535 Review

Back in 2006 when I was just starting out with this hobby, I thought the Shure E500 was some sort of unattainable grail: $500 for an IEM was unfathomable back then, when its only other universal competition were the Ultimate Ears 10 and Etymotic ER4S and I believe those who wanted to shell out […]

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Audeze iSine10 Review

What’s this–a planar magnetic IEM? Cool! Wait, it leaks sound and lets sound in? It also needs an iOS device to use its Cipher cable that has a necessary EQ? Oh… I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand the point of the iSine. It’s not particularly suitable for public transportation because it barely attenuates more […]

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Monoprice XXX Review

I purchased this IEM soon after its release directly from Monoprice.  Monoprice shipping took about a week to get the IEMs to me and cost a little over $50. Pictures Background The in-ear monitor (IEM) market seems more competitive than ever, with a trend toward more drivers per side, hybrid balanced armature/dynamic driver designs in […]

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Vibro Labs Aria Review

Vibro Labs isn’t exactly a new company; Luke Pighetti, the owner of Vibro Labs, has been making wooden Grado cups and cups for ZMF headphones for years, but he is also known for his work with DIY IEMs. Last year, Vibro Labs released their first IEM: the Aria. It was meant to be a flagship-competitor at […]

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