Massdrop Plus Review

Massdrop has been releasing more and more interesting collaborations lately, following the success of the AKG K7XX and Fostex TH-X00, such as the Sennheiser HD6XX and Focal Elex, but what’s interested me most is the Massdrop Plus IEM. At first, it seemed rather average as a triple driver IEM at $300, but when I read […]

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Kennerton Vali Review

Thanks to Super Best Audio Friends for providing this loaner unit of the Kennerton Vali for review. Pictures Background Kennerton is the luxury arm of Fischer Audio and maintains their line of ToTL headphones.  The Vali is an open back dynamic headphone that uses a Tympany paper driver. Fit and Comfort The fit of this […]

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Mini Meet 6/16/2017

Huge thanks to Arv for letting us hang out at his house for a few hours! This was a casual mini-meet with three people in total, but a few things I wanted to try. Campfire Andromeda I’ve tried this a few months ago at ChiUniFi and wrote a bit about them here: “I’m a big […]

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Audeze LCD-2 2016 Aluminum Review

The Audeze LCD-2 is something of a staple in the headphone world as a solid dark-sounding headphone people looking for something beyond the AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT880, and Sennheiser HD600/HD650 can lean towards and generally not be disappointed. It’s the headphone many refer to when they talk about, “the planar sound,” with its well extended […]

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DC Area Head-Fi Meet 4/15/2017

Thanks everyone for coming out, was another excellent DC Area Meet.  A special thanks to @Hirsch for coming out and bringing a mind-blowing collection of headphones, and apparently that wasn’t all of it either (I can’t wait to hear those Jecklin Floats). Pictures Sound Impressions Sony MDR-R10 Really fortunate to be able to hear this one […]

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Monoprice XXX Review

I purchased this IEM soon after its release directly from Monoprice.  Monoprice shipping took about a week to get the IEMs to me and cost a little over $50. Pictures Background The in-ear monitor (IEM) market seems more competitive than ever, with a trend toward more drivers per side, hybrid balanced armature/dynamic driver designs in […]

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ZMF Eikon (Cherry) Review

Thanks to Zach from ZMF and Will and Linear Tube Audio/Urban Hifi for making it possible for me to audition and review this headphone.  I really appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with these headphones prior to their release so that I may share my opinions. Pictures Background ZMF has taken an interesting path […]

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