Music to My Ears Meet Impressions 7/22/17

Thanks to Nick for organizing and thanks to Music to My Ears in Pittsburgh, PA for hosting this meet.

Sound Impressions

AKG K872

This is headphone is kind of like taking the K812 and turning all of its features up to 11.  The headphones are extremely sensitive, they seem to run out of a phone with no issues at all.  Huge bass on this headphone, much more than on the 812 and lacking some of the refinement.  It seems pretty clear that there are internal reflections that are making this an overall less detailed and boomier experience.  Still has the oddity in the midrange and the treble is hashy but still well extended with good air.  Isolation on this headphone is adequate, but not great, I could see this being used in the home or in an office, but not in a mobile or traveling type of setting.  I also don’t really think it works as a closed back reference with all the obvious coloration that the headphone brings.  While this tonality may work for some, especially the extra bass, this was not as refined a sound as I was hoping for out of the 872.

Feliks Euforia

This amp was quite a pleasant surprise.  I haven’t heard a Felik’s amp before so this was a pleasant surprise to see at the meet.  This is an output transformerless (OTL) tube amplifier design.  Stereotypically, OTL amplifiers have a softer, warmer character to their sound, and tend to sacrifice some detail for the more intimate and bloomier sort of presentation.  Hard hitting dynamics tend to take a back seat with many OTL amplifiers, giving them a flatter and less lively sort of sound that one can just sink into.  The Euforia is a notable exception in this regard, with clarity and dynamism that is very atypical of this type of amplifier.  While staging was a bit upfront with the Euforia, the clarity and incisiveness of sounds was presented very well, with only a slight hint of that softness that’s typical of this family of amps.  

1More Quad Driver IEM

Way too much bass, completely drowns out the other sections of the music.  Decent comfort and fit.  Overall I found this IEM sounded pretty compressed sounding (overly and artificially thick sounding, lacking in a sense of space or air around the instrument, lacks clear and incisive bite to attacks) and does not convey much overall detail in the music.  There is a severe disconnect between the bass of the dynamic driver and the mids and treble of the balanced armature drivers in this IEM that’s immediately noticeable.  There is also a peak in the treble that can be bothersome especially because the area surrounding it seems to be recessed or at least significantly overpowered by the bass.